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Our challenge is designed for adults and is different as there’s no competition with others. You set the goal you would like to reach, such as a certain number of reading hours in a week, a certain number of books to read over a month or a certain number of genres you’d like to try, and the program will prompt you to track your progress.

Sign up is easy and once you’re registered you can set your reading goals. Every week, we will send you an email so that you can track how you’re going, and as a bonus, offer a mini-challenge to get you reading or doing something you may not have thought to.

Everyone can participate!

Reading is good for us but finding the time to sit down and focus on nothing else can be difficult. The Australian Reading Challenge helps with this and is for three types of people:

  1. those who would like to read more and personally feel the benefits,
  2. those who would like to read more to their kids or grandkids to help improve their literacy levels and spend quality time together,
  3. and those already avid-readers who would like some fresh inspiration to read new voices, genres and ideas.
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